HK SciFest 2018

Sustaining @ The Earth


Science and technology have contributed to the conservation of the Earth's resources, helping human civilisation to develop sustainably in harmony with nature.

Scientific research helps us understand how human activities affect the Earth. The burning of fossil fuels has caused a substantial increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, leading to global warming. Prolonged irrigation farming has increased soil salinity, causing land degradation and speeding up desertification. Urbanisation has affected the climate and biodiversity in the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, technological advances help provide the means for us to develop in harmony with nature. For instance, we can develop "green" energy sources, like solar power, hydroelectric power and wind power, to replace fossil fuels. We can also invent novel agricultural strategies, such as improved irrigation systems and drought resistant crops, to produce food.

Hong Kong is an international metropolis with a unique natural environment and rich biodiversity. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is committed to striking a balance between urban development and nature conservation. Country parks, marine parks and conservation areas have been set up in Hong Kong to protect the diverse species and their natural habitats. In order to improve the quality of life for local citizens, new technologies have been introduced to improve waste disposal and recycling, incorporate green building designs and facilities in the community, and promote urban greening.

The programmes in the “Sustaining @ The Earth” series explore the natural environment in Hong Kong and show how science and technology contribute to improving our environment.

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