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It is the fifth anniversary of HK SciFest! Hong Kong Science Museum has started hosting the HK SciFest in every spring since 2014. Through this large-scale event, we aim to collaborate with scientific institutes and organisations to provide interesting scientific activities to elevate the public awareness and interest in science and technology.

Sustainable development is originated from the Report “Our Common Future” published by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) in 1987. It is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. The theme of HK SciFest 2018 is “sustaining”. We hope to deepen the public’s understanding on the contribution of science and technology in sustainable development in four perspectives: individuals, society, the Earth, and the Universe.

With the joint efforts of 91 partners and units, we have developed more than 160 unique and fantastic scientific activities for you including: You can enjoy science in a joyful atmosphere in the “Fun Science Carnival”. In the “Croucher Science Week”, NanoGirl from New Zealand, Science Made Simple from Britain and local Croucher Scholars present interesting science demonstrations and workshops. “Making and STEM” will challenge your thinking in STEM. In the film review programme “Sci-Fi-Sci”, science experts and veteran film critics explore the science behind science fiction films together with you. Scholars share their personal stories to inspire the youths in the science forum “From Anecdotes to the World”.

The programmes are in diverse nature, including exhibitions, visits and guided tours, science workshops, science carnival, science drama shows, science lectures and forum, film and post-screening talks, fun experiment classes and science competitions. Surely, you would be able to find some programmes that you are interested in.

Come and join us in the HK SciFest 2018. Let’s explore, discover and find fun in science!


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