HK SciFest 2017


An exciting annual science event - HK SciFest is coming again!

This is the fourth year since the Hong Kong Science Museum has started hosting the HK SciFest in 2014. Through this fabulous large-scale event, we aim to collaborate with scientific institutes and organisations to provide interesting scientific activities to elevate the public awareness and interest in science and technology.

Scientific researches not only stem from human curiosity about the nature, but also contribute to help solving problems as well as improving our daily lives. On top of the broad science topics covered in the past SciFests, we have also organised a series of “Medicine and Health” thematic programmes this year which help the public to understand the scientific concepts behind western and Chinese medicines, and recognise the contribution of medical research and disease treatments to our health.

We are grateful to have great support and enthusiastic participation from our partners. They have specially developed unique science programmes to enrich the content of HK SciFest and further meet the needs of the public in pursuing scientific knowledge. HK SciFest 2017 offers more than 170 scientific activities, including exhibitions, visits and guided tours, science workshops, family days, science drama shows, fun experiment classes, science lectures and science competitions. Surely, you would be able to find some programmes that you are interested in.

Special programmes include the Fun Science Carnival and the Science Communication Week that mark the beginning of the SciFest, and the Science Alive series of education activities. Experts on science communication from the UK and USA have been invited to conduct science performances for the public and share their experience with local science educators in workshops. Apart from these, there are interdisciplinary programmes like the workshop combining traditional calligraphy with modern digital technology, conference and exhibition on STEM education, and HK-Mainland science exchange camps, providing new dimensions to the festival. To encourage deepening the learning, the Lecture Award Scheme is launched to promote participation in lectures where the public can meet the scientists and understand the latest development.

Don’t miss the chance. Come and join us in the HK SciFest 2017. Let’s explore, discover and find fun in science!


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