HK SciFest 2016


Welcome to the HK SciFest 2016 – an exciting integrated science event for all ages in Hong Kong.

HK SciFest is an annual programme organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum since 2014. We aim to collaborate with science institutes and organisations to provide a variety of activities to elevate the public’s recognition and interest in science and technology.

With the joint efforts of 40 partners, the vibrant HK SciFest 2016 offers over 120 programmes, exploring how science lies at our daily lives. On top of the broad science topics that covered in the past, we have added a focus series of “Biodiversity and Conservation” this year. Collaborating with various local conservation organisations, we are providing programmes for the public to appreciate the rich biodiversity in Hong Kong, to see the beauty of the nature and to arouse the awareness of conserving the valuable natural resources.

During the two-month period, we have got all sorts of programmes on various topics in different nature. For nature lovers who would like to go outdoors, you can join the field visits, science camps and citizen scientist programmes to take part in field studies. Science competitions would be good choices for the thinkers to challenge their minds and enjoy the exciting moments. Family members can have fun together in family days, watching science drama shows, joining fun experiment classes and science drop-in activities. And for the knowledge seekers, science workshops, exhibitions and guided tours, and popular science lectures would meet their needs. Surely, you would be able to find some programmes that you are interested in.

So, let’s explore, discover and find fun in science!